Distillation Course

Learn How to Distill

Learn How to Distill Whether you want to start a distillery, do some experimental distilling, or even if you are a spirits writer looking to improve your understanding of distillation this course is a perfect starting point. Distilling can be relatively simple, but the underlying principles are complex and understanding what makes a still tick …

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Science of Taste Online Course

The Science of Taste

Science of Taste It is often said “there is no accounting for taste”, and that idiom is about as truthful as it gets because everyone perceives food and drink differently. This course was first presented back in 2008 at Tales of the Cocktail and has been presented many times, around the world, because understanding how …

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Soda Fountain Course

Making Soda

Making Soda Everything You Need to Know About Making Your Own Soda Carbonated drinks are some of the finest drinks on the planet, and if you don’t agree, just think about champagne, beer and the multitude of soda based drinks around the world. Cohesive Elements Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consect adipiscing elit, sed do …

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