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Art of Drink started back in 2005 with the intent of sharing knowledge about anything drink-related to elevate drinking making as an art, as well as a science. At its peak, over 2 million people per year were viewing the content, which helped to grow and improve the industry.  

The guy behind Art of Drink, Darcy O’Neil, originally studied chemistry in the early 1990s and spent 14 years working in various research and development labs, including 6 years at a refinery as well as 6 years at the University of Western Ontario.

The incorporation of science into drink making and drink history, specifically the soda fountain, was an important point as it brought together two important topics and helped to decipher some of the old information which was published in the book Fix the Pumps (nominated for Best New Cocktail book in 2011).

 After writing for 15 years, the next step is to formalize some of the resources to help give experienced professionals additional resources as well as educate a new generation of drink profession. 

The courses offered here are the consolidation of years of experience.