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Learn How to Distill

Whether you want to start a distillery, do some experimental distilling, or even if you are a spirits writer looking to improve your understanding of distillation this course is a perfect starting point. Distilling can be relatively simple, but the underlying principles are complex and understanding what makes a still tick will help you produce a better product or written article.

This course will cover the core aspects of spirit production: fermentation, distillation, ageing plus we will go through product development resources, the chemical reactions that take place during ageing, and analytical and sensory testing for quality control. We’ll even talk about cocktails and how to get your product in front of people and stocked at bars because just making a product isn’t good enough, you to get it to where most spirits are consumed.

The true value of this course is the resources it will introduce you to, both historical and scientific, and the clear and conscience explanations of them so that you can elevate your product. This course is not just the basics, it will introduce you to a whole new world of ideas.

This course is not an engineering class, and I have taken the time to present the technical details in an easy-to-understand manner, even if you never liked chemistry or math class. Distilling may be based on science but there is definitely an art to it as well.

Why You?

The Internet is an outstanding source of information, there is no debating that, but not all of the sources are accurate or dependable and with distilling, mistakes can be costly and the industry is highly regulated. That means you need an accurate source of information so you can make the best product.

To find out more about me, you can check my bio, but here is the quick hit list. I’ve worked as a bench chemist in research and development labs for 15 years (started in 1994), including working at a refinery (lots of distilled things there) as well as Western University. I’ve also been writing about drink science since 2004, including writing a book on the history of the soda fountain, been nominated for Best New Cocktail Book as well as Best Cocktail Writer (2011 – Tales of the Cocktail). I’ve done presentations all over the world (Moscow, Dubai, Athens, Germany, France, plus others as well as the US and Canada) on the Science of Taste and a number of other topics. I have a long history in the drinks industry and my goal since the beginning has always been to make things better, and this distilling course will help achieve that goal.

Does this distillation course come with a certificate?

Yes it does! I’ve designed this course, and the follow up courses, to provide professional level expertise to you and your effort in completing the course should be recognized. I’ve taken some effort to produce a unique certificate that will be individually printed with your information and mailed to you. 

If you’ve never distilled, or currently run a large distillery, this course will benefit you. The content for this course has been pulled from a number of untapped resources that will impress not only people looking to start a distillery but also distillation hobbyists and writers in the spirit/drink industry who want to truly understand what distillation is all about.

Absolutely, and I’ve specifically thought about writers when developing this course. Most distillery tours over-simplify a good part of the distillation process and often that gets parroted into written articles, which can be misleading. The best writers do not just parrot what they heard they also continuously educate themselves on the topics they write about. This course also opens up new and interesting topics for writers to pitch to their publishers.

At this point, no, but if you have a still there are opportunities to experiment throughout the course. Anytime you experiment it is best to do it on small scale, which helps keep the cost down. Scaling up to production levels should work as long as your experimental still is configured similarly to your production still.

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